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Swami Param Chatanay Jee Maharaj The Founder- President Of Jan Sewa Sansthan

The great saintly Swami Param Chaitanya Ji has dedicated his full life for the service of the diseased, the infirm, the oppressed, the uncared, the offender’s, old wizened men, poor destitute women and needy human beings. . For the last 25 years he has been performing duties for the society with impeccable aptitude day–in and day–out. He is a B.com (1977) and MBA (1979). He had performed bank services with faultless acumen and held a high position at M/s Oswal Agro Company. Then to the surprise of all, he left his own successful business, volunteered himself to serve such people whom we discard so easily .He dispensed with all the luxuries that he enjoyed till then and also severed all his family relations to free himself from the worldly desires and decided not to marry. To manage the social work in a systematic way he founded the Jan Sewa Sanstahn in Rohtak which presently is working smoothly and known by its name in the society.

He leads a very simple life, lives inside the Ashram and has food made for the inmates. He is always full of constant endeavor and enthusiasm. He has dedicated himself for the success of the Society and for the social service. He decided to give his entire life for the selfless service and for the benefit of the Sansthan and has been looking after the aged, poor students, orphans and the destitute women at the Anath Ashram (orphanage) Vridh Ashram (Old age Home for Male), Mahila Ashram (Old Age Home for female) and free public school .

To recognize his dedicated social services, the Indira Gandhi University Meerpur (Rewari) has conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) on 03.12.2016


We at Jan Sewa Sansthan Se. Sec. School aim to provide a high quality balanced education program, Which allows each student to develop not only their knowledge and skill, but also develop strong moral values, especially appreciation and respect for different cultures. Our School recognizes and matures individual potential to become citizens and leaders in the global community. Our School believes that each child is a unique individual. The School provides a platform to develop and nurture students with higher potential i.e. to be critical and independent thinker. The School provides an outstanding international education.

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