This School was established in April 2010 by Swami Param Chaitanya ji, a learned personality and well known social reformer, who has devoted his entire life for the welfare of society. The School is being run under the banner of Jan Sewa Sansthan, Rohtak.

The trust has designed to give the orphans for adoption to philanthropist so as to become their parents legally or otherwise and later on invite these children in functions such as that of any marriage or birthday's etc. Such People could come and get information of those adopted regarding their daily records and progress/promotion. The adopted children should be provided love and affection of which they truly feel the necessity. This is not at all inbelievable if the children such adopted may have complete attachment with you. It is very much pertinent that when you yourself get older, they would be highly grateful to you and feel highly indebted to you.

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President's Message

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